Kitchen Rentals


The school has 2 fully-equipped kitchens available to rent from 1 hour to full-time schedule.


The orientation of the main kitchen offers a large open area that can be arranged in several configurations. Hands-on classes at worktables, seating in rows at tables or open seating for larger events. There is a standard “hot-line” with gas cooking equipment and a large demonstration island with a mirror and cameras connected to 2 ceiling mounted flat-screens. The audio system provides a wireless option for presentations and a music system. There is a walk-in refrigerator as well as reach-in refrigerators and freezers. There are ample mixers and small tools.


The orientation of this kitchen offers a double hot line with gas ranges, convection ovens, artisan bread oven and fryer. There is a baking station with 20 qt mixer and 60 qt mixer. Access to the walk-in as well as reach-in refrigerators and freezers. The lab also counts with a demonstration table with a mirror.


Each kitchen has easy access to the scullery area.


Both kitchens have easy rear access for loading and deliveries.


The kitchens can be used 7 days per week from 7am until 11pm.


$150 an hour. A cook, baker or dishwasher can be provided for an additional fee. *3 days or more are negotiated separately.